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Program creations

Creation Principles of Software “When the Apple Macintosh first came onto the market, the MacPaint program, which simulates, to a degree, the visual arts’s basic tools, sent a shock-wave through the creative community. For the first year, MacPaint-produced posters were everywhere, an apparent explosion of the freedom of, and possibility for self-expression. But while the… Read more »


A Few weeks ago I attended the Blog-art Festival in The Hague. I was eager to see how they interpreted the concept of ‘blog-art’, but as it turned out they did not interpreted it at all. There were several presentations that had some link to blogging and art. For instance Ruud Peper of Stichting Dollypop… Read more »

A Wiki Noob

Posting a new entry on Wikipedia is not very difficult, but keeping it online is an impossible mission. These were the first lines of this post when I started writing it a couple of weeks ago. By now I changed my mind… I did it! I have a post on Wikipedia! I started my first… Read more »

Discourse network 2000 Does technology influence what we write?

How do the tools that you use for writing influence what you write? Alan Liu researches this relation between technology and writing. He argues that our reading and writing is part of “discourse network 2000”. We structure our knowledge more and more in XML (extended markup language) and databases and this, according to him, influences not only how we write, but also what we write.

The significance of Twitter

Since its start in 2006 people have speculated about the significance of Twitter. Twitter has often been criticized for it’s lack of content, but Twitter is also praised for the empowering possibilities it offers us. I question both these perspectives and propose to understand Twitter, not just as another tool than can be critiqued on… Read more »

Social Network Sites – friend/Friend/defriendding

Social Network Sites (SNSs), like Facebook and Hyves, are focused on ‘Friendship’. As SNSs get more mainstream and infiltrate in our everyday lives the use of the term ‘Friendship’ becomes more problematic within the SNSs discourse. Using the labels of friend, Friend or defriend is not as obvious as it seems. friend vs. Friends boyd… Read more »

De-botting wikipedia

De-botting wikipedia. What would Wikipedia look like without the bots? Wikipedia is praised for its open “everybody can contribute” system and it’s collaborative knowledge production. An environment that is seemingly built by human editors, but where in fact bots do much of the work. Since 2002, Wikipedia entries have been maintained not only by humans,… Read more »

REVIEW. Say Everything. How blogging began, what it’s becoming and why it matters by Scott Rosenberg.

Review Say Everything. How blogging began, what it’s becoming and why it matters by Scott Rosenberg. (Crown, 404 pages $26) I have never been that interested in blogging, reading nor writing; consequently I don’t know much about the blogging practice. I began Rosenberg’s book hoping to find out “what blogs are all about”. Why should… Read more »